Once upon a List

Delilah White's perfect New York life is about to take a tumble. . . but change is good, right? Right?! 

Delilah White, television's semifamous (to her own shock) and completely endearing domestic diva, likes herself just the way she is: a perfect size 12. When her boss announces that she's taking an early retirement, Delilah finds herself pitted against her rival, the statuesque Margo Hart, for one of the most coveted promotions in television. As the office politics heat to a rapid boil, Delilah escapes for a long weekend at her friend's wacky family estate in the Catskills, only to encounter two surprise houseguests who turn her world upside down. Armed only with a pink polka-dot bikini and her sometimes overactive imagination, Delilah struggles to negotiate a budding romance (with a man who just might be unavailable) while salvaging an unthinkable blunder at the office. As one disaster follows another, Delilah musters all her charm, ingenuity, and spirit; but will it be enough to help her come out on top? 


Never in her wildest dreams did Clara Black imagine she'd fly to Vegas just to eat at America's biggest buffet, or that she'd be digging holes in her mother's backyard to unearth her brother's screechy plastic recorder. But if that's what it takes to get past the car accident that changed her life…she'll do what she must.

Eight months after losing her fiancé just before their wedding, Clara still can't seem to escape her fog of sorrow. On a visit to her childhood home, she encounters her fifth-grade time capsule and a very special bucket list written by her ten-year-old self. When she impulsively fulfills one item, Clara finds that revisiting the woman she thought she'd become may just be her way out of grief and back to life. With Milk Dud the one-eared wonder dog, her zany but loving family, and an unexpected someone from her past by her side, Clara discovers that sometimes life's unplanned moments are the sweetest, and sometimes the only bridge to your future is your past.

Mein Stuck vom Himmel

Das Glück ist wie eine Kugel Eis: Man muss es genießen, bevor es schmilzt.

Clover Gray ist verzweifelt: Ihr Traum von der eigenen Bäckerei ist zerbrochen, und wenn sie nicht bald Geld auftreibt, wird sie das geliebte Haus ihrer Großmutter verlieren. Als ein landesweiter Eis-Wettbewerb ausgerufen wird, wittert Clover ihre Chance für einen Neuanfang – denn sie hat ein Händchen für süße Köstlichkeiten und das perfekte Rezept im Kopf. Doch dann verliebt sie sich in ihren gefährlichsten Rivalen Cal, für den der Sieg mindestens genauso wichtig ist wie für Clover. Denn das Leben seiner kleinen Tochter hängt davon ab …